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On that same night he also got photos of President Trump walking with Prime Minister Abe and New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft to dinner.A letter posted by De Agazio shows that he was only admitted into the year club in December, after Trump was elected to office.When asked about his decision to post the photo, De Agazio wrote on Facebook: 'I thought about before I made the post, but he is so obvious and visible that it is evident.Pay attention to every time you see the President walking in public and you will see him.He was formerly the president at Boston Capital, an investment firm, and since retiring has had uncredited parts in films including Mystic River, Bride Wars and Pink Panther 2.There was much outcry on social media about the incident on Monday, with the Trump administration staying shockingly quiet about the scandal.) members of foreign intelligence agencies & media organizations?

He can be seen smiling as he poses for photos with bride Vanessa Falk and groom Carl H Lindner l V in one photo and the bride and her bridesmaids another.He even gave a brief speech in front of guests at the wedding.'I saw them out on the lawn today.I said to the Prime Minister of Japan, I said: "C'mon Shinzo, let's go over and say hello,"' said President Trump, who revealed that the couple got some 'very nice pictures' with himself and the Prime minister earlier in the day.It just shows that he’s a man of the people,' he said.The claims however that this could have been a national security concern were brush aside by De Agazio, who said that no one in the room could hear President Trump.'I mean, I can barely hear what’s going on at my table,' said the actor.

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