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People with diabetes can download a 14-day photographed menu plan which has been constructed of simple, everyday foods.Just make your plate look like the food in the picture and you are automatically following a 1800-calorie balanced diet approved by our Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator.The URL is Learning About programs are developed by a team of diabetes educators, literacy specialists, and noted artists and designers.The result is clear, simply written patient education materials that are appealing and effective with both general and low literacy audiences.The company just started to work with Abbott Diabetes Care as well.The URL is Inzulinpumpa Added January 28, 2008: My Photo was started by a family physician and nurse practitioner to help teach their patients to eat a healthy diet.The newsletter is archived and is also available in Spanish.The URL is Learning About Diabetes is a non-profit organization providing easy-to-read, low literacy, and very low literacy health education programs in English and Spanish. The URL of that site is The two other Internet sites have a target group-related approach.

There is no need for the patient to visit the doctor personally to obtain high quality diabetes therapy.

The URL is type1was created and is maintained by a twenty year old college student attending the University of Central Florida. Fortunately, there isn't much here that you need to trust.

Nowhere on the site is there any indication who that person is. Actually, a post March 17 on from Fran Grysko gave the game away.

Diabetes Stop es una recopilación de las mas interesantes noticias médicas, investigaciones, congresos, recetas gastronómicas, celebridades con diabetes, etc ...

para el publico hispano hablante, con impactantes imagenes d STOP es una dosis diaria de optimismo e trucos para un estilo de vida mas sano y bajo control.

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