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Customary law is recognised in Article 171 of the 2008 Constitution, which provides the right of “communities, indigenous peoples and nationalities to exercise jurisdictional functions within their territorial area ‘based on their ancestral traditions and their own right.’” There is no information on how these ancestral traditions effect the age of marriage in indigenous communities.

In 2011, 571 cases of violence and sexual harassment were dealt with through the Center for the Protection of Rights, an alternative to the judicial system set up under the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, in accordance with the 2007 National Plan for the Eradication of Violence against Women, Girls, Boys, and Adolescents.

Men and women, sons and daughters, have equal inheritance rights in Ecuador.

Under Articles 1045-1055 of the Civil Code, inheritance succession is stipulated in the following order: children, siblings, spouse.

In 2012, more male children were out of school than females, and the ratio of female to male was 99.9% for primary enrolment and 101.6% for secondary education.

There is no gender gap in terms of gross and net primary school enrolment for the same year and a slight gender gap, benefiting girls, for secondary education.

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In addition, Ministerial Agreement No.261, enacted in 2005, prohibits the publication of job advertisements in public or private spheres that discriminate on grounds of age, sex, race, disability or any other cause.

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