Dating game dumb blonde

Jillian: Oh, my God, Brian, I was watching something on TV about this guy named Hitler - [gasps] somebody should stop him!

Stewie: [To Brian] Are her parents brother and sister?

Imagine being surrounded by only women and one guy — you go a little nuts.

It becomes, at some point, every girl for herself, even if you don't like the guy in the first place.

What do you think lead her to do a show like Everlasting? And her father's addiction meant that she spent a lot of time caring for her family and never really putting a priority on relationships.

She doesn't have a lot of experience with men in that department.

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Whatever the reason, she tends to be scatter-brained and lacking in Common Sense.

The stereotype seems to have originated from the fact that some Caucasian children have blond hair that darkens as they grow older -- and, hopefully, wiser. Oddly enough, this trope seems to apply to bottle blondes more than natural ones.

Perhaps dyeing her hair is a sign of her natural shallowness, or it's one of the ways that she tries to get out of doing any thinking, studying, or other action to develop her mind. I just want to say that being chosen as this month's Miss August is like a compliment I'll remember for as long as I can.

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