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people are all good or all bad - self-image issues - suicidal behaviors and attempts - destructive disorders, such as eating disorders (anorexia or bulimia), binge eating, substance abuse, alcoholism, etc - an addiction to drama - feelings of worthlessness and a lack of control - mood swings somewhat similar to bipolar disorder - inability to have normal relationships with people - outbursts of extreme anger - a need to reject others before the individual him/herself is rejected - when one tries to leave someone with BPD, they often resort to irrational behavior, such as threatening to kill themselves or others, etc - some other traits Why would I date someone like this in the first place?

Well, for starters, beneath her issues she is a bright and beautiful person with many good qualities.

We have been on several dates and both of us have spoken of the future. he is an addict but also would go into depressive states and turn off his phone. Speaking from that perspective of a male with BPD, I can say that he is doing what I would do, shutting people out because he feels poisonous to others. I am currently with a bpd sufferer and I'm really struggling to understand her condition I feel maybe if someone else who has it can explain to me how you feel and how to deal with it might help.

Everything seemed to be going well until today out of the blue he told me he couldn't be in a relationship. I am gutted but I believe that he may have just panicked. it would hurt me (because i love him) and i should make hum feel better...i just couldnt. I've kinda given up hope on relationships because I know I always ruin them, I struggle massively to control myself when in one, and ultimately, the invested emotion in someone else can be quite dangerous for me as things can get way out of control.

Admittedly I cheated on her throughout our relationship a total of maybe 3 times, which only worsened the situation severly, as she already had major trust and abandonment issues, but at the time, in my erroneous line of thinking, that was my only escape from the traumatic emotional turmoil she subjected me to on a daily basis.

Eventually I kicked her out and we continued things with an on again off again basis, but ultimately I left her for someone else.

Of course our relationship at first was all nice, as things usually are the first couple months, but slowly she began to reveal herself.Throughout our relationship I dealed with everything imaginable, from her manipulating me to extents I was not aware human beings were capable of, to pitting other people against me, threatening suicide if I left her or kicked her out of my house, blaming everything on me, and the list goes on and on.She forced herself into my house (first promising to stay only a week) and persuaded me to share my car with her for a month even though I paid for most the gas.She spent close to 3 months in prison for an assault charge and dealt with anger issues every day.She recovered from alcoholism and had many, many other issues to add to this list.

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