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In 2012 preliminary guidelines were published addressing sample quality, data acquisition and reduction, presentation of scattering data and modelling, and data and model validation for biomolecular small-angle scattering (SAS) experiments.These guidelines aimed to establish a standard reporting framework that would aid in providing experimenters, reviewers and readers with confidence in the results being presented.Also, if the structure is deposited in the Small Angle Scattering Biological Data Bank (SASBDB) there is the option to input the database ID and the data will be fetched and included in the table automatically.The IUCr online authoring tool publ Bio (publ org) has also been updated for SAS data where there are also options to use a blank template or include your data automatically.For example, the benefits include: To learn more about the Associates Programme please follow this link.A 20% discount is currently available on the three-year joining fee of USD 200 (USD 160 with the discount).

The IUCr is involved in many charitable activities including supporting students to attend meetings around the world, a Visiting Professor scheme and building crystallography capacity in Africa and other parts of the world.The IUCr Associates Programme, which launched this year at the IUCr Congress in Hyderabad, underpins many of the Union’s outreach and education initiatives.Some of these activities include its bursary scheme which supports students to attend international meetings, a Visiting Professor scheme and building crystallography capacity in Africa and other parts of the world.By using the guidelines, authors publishing structural biology studies using small-angle scattering (SAXS or SANS) will ensure that their readers understand the quality of their data and the validity of the models presented.The paper above provides an explanation for the relevance of the recommended guidelines as well as example data sets and modelling approaches.

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Authors have increasingly adopted the preliminary guidelines.

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