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While I’d bet a few of the top 100 are fake, I would be surprised if it rises above 5%.

Some people compete for being that much more bat-shit crazy than the other people out there. (Consider the anti-gay activists that are so strident they are almost comic book villains, yet are caught performing sexual acts with someone of the same sex.) Many, though, I would suspect are entirely in earnest.

Noen, Posting trigger warnings is not being responsible for other people’s issues.

It is not asking anyone to manage another person’s emotions.

That is the first lesson anyone should learn in their path to recovery Arda.

It is very important that you learn this or you’ll not recover well at all. I really want to think that most of these are trolls.

The guy afraid to fly seems especially fake by knowingly making himself look foolish.It is a common practice on the internet–at least on the blogs I read.I’m guessing the fundies quoted above don’t post trigger warnings, haha.People who are recovering from traumatic experiences are well aware of what might be triggering to them and attempt to avoid triggering things so that they can recover.And they choose what websites to read when based on what they think they can emotionally deal with at a particular time.

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