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A dusting mop or broom and dustpan are typically best for this; however, a vacuum with a hard floor setting can also do a thorough job.

Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to a gallon of warm water.

Let the product dry according to the manufacturer's directions, and then apply a second coat in the same manner if necessary.

Shake a bottle of laminate floor polish gently and then squirt, spray, or pour some on the floor, starting in the farthest corner of the room.

Es gibt Wochen, in denen versuchst du, dich zu erinnern. Um 7.14 Uhr kam der Zug, der dann zwölf Kilometer durch Wind und Wetter fuhr. Weiterlesen Die dunkle Jahreszeit ist für Gärtner eine harte Prüfung.

Morgens, wenn die Arbeit ruft, können sie meist nur einen kurzen Blick im Tageslicht auf ihre Scholle erhaschen.

Amanda Bell spent six years working as an interior designer and project coordinator before becoming a professional writer in 2010.

She has published thousands of articles for various websites and clients, specializing in home renovation, DIY projects, gardening and travel.

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Thoroughly sweep the floor, removing any crumbs, dust, pet hair, or other dirt.

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